Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hand Painted Coffee Mug

Thought I'd share my new Hand Painted Coffee Mug that I whipped up in less than 5min.
Okay so I go to the Dollar General Store last week and pick up myself a coffee mug for $0.37 on clearance. Yes that's right $0.37. What a bargain!
I've seen on pinterest and other sites all these cute things done on coffee mugs. And I wanted one. So I started looking around for a saying I wanted on my coffee mug. I found it on pinterest.
All I did was take an Elmers Paint pen and a mug and started writing away.
Every morning I long to 
hold you... I need you, I
want you, I have to 
have you... your warmth,
your smell, your taste...
Ohhh Coffee,
I Love You

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