Sunday, October 5, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Candles

Candle made from Toilet Paper Roll
I did not make this Toilet Paper Candle and these are not my instructions but I am giving credit to the one who did.  See below I hope she doesn't mind that I put this out to the world to share.  I don't know if she even has a website or blog as I got the information from one of my Facebook groups.  They are so many talented people out there with so much talent.  This is one project that I have tried but have come to realize that wax and me just don't mix to well.  I have tried several projects with candle wax beginning to think it just doesn't like me.  The directions are easy enough for anyone to follow so I thought I would share with others that might not have a problem working with wax.

So now for the instructions
What you need
Roll of Toilet Paper
Black or White or Tan Spray Paint (depending on light or dark candle)
Paraffin Wax
Double boiler or can  that can sit in a pot or crock pot (she uses regular pot)
Fragrance (spices or oils)
Coloring from (colored candles, crayons, food coloring, etc..)
Wax paper
Electric Tea light
Elmer's Glue or Mod Podge
other embellishments (oats cinnamon, cloves, etc..)

Spray paint your tp with flat paint and let dry,  I use black spray paint for dark colors and white/tan for light colors..
Melt your wax or paraffin. I use a regular pot and I set on a bit above low.  Some ppl use crock pots or double boilers. At this time you can add your fragrance (spices or oils) and colors (colored candles, crayons, food coloring, etc).
When the wax is completely melted use some tool (I use tongs) to hold your toilet paper and dip your tp roll into the wax to add a thin coat of wax on it. Set it on a plate, wax paper or paper plate.
Let it cool.
At this time you can add a label or picture to the candle.  Simply glue it on.
Now you have to decide the look of the candle you want to make.  If you want a smooth candle, spoon the wax onto the candle and smooth it out. If you want a frothy candle continue on. Let the wax cool until it begins to form a crust.  Then skim a spoon across the top of the wax and transfer that to your candle.  If you have a label, be sure to put the wax around the label first. Then keep spooning until the candle is covered.
You may have to reheat the wax and let it cool again to finish.
Cover your tea light, too. Don't cover the bottom of the tea light. Let it all cool.
Then decorate. You can add oats, cinnamon, cloves.. well, anything you want to your candle. Just use Elmer's (some use mod podge, but Elmer's is cheaper... a lot!!).
To protect my candles I put a coat of Elmer's glue and water (half and half) all over everything except material. However, if you put this mix on material, it will stiffen it, so it's up to you.
Your candle is ready to be plated. Burn away! Well not really burn but turned on.

Hope you enjoyed her instructions

Picture and instructions are by Diana Hammond please do not use as your own. Give credit where credit is due.

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