Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY Burlap S'mores Banner with Tutorial

Today I whipped up this cute Burlap S'mores Banner and provided a Tutorial for a craft pal of mine. She has s'mores parties and thought this sign would be great as a decoration.  She hasn't seen it yet but hope she loves it.

Crafting Supplies Needed for this Burlap S'mores Banner that was pretty easy to do.
Stitch Witchery

Sorry no pictures as I went along, I wasn't sure how it was gonna turn out. I showed my aunt and she suggested that I put it on here with a tutorial. 
So here is what I did.
Grabbed some burlap and laid my stencils spelling s'mores out on it to determine how big i needed to make the burlap pieces. Mine measured 5x7, I wanted extra on it to allow for folding over the twine.  I cut my burlap.  Then laid my stencil in place and dabbed the paint on the burlap. Let dry surprisingly it dried pretty quick so I was able to move on to the next steps fairly quick.
Take the lace and twine.  Measure the lace according to the width of the burlap.
Then take the stitch witchery and lay it on the edge of the burlap then place half of the lace on top of the that allowing the other half of the lace to hang over the top edge. 
Place damp rag on the lace and iron according to stitch witchery instructions.  You want to make sure you leave this extra overhang to add the twine. 
Next take the twine, (I did not cut my twine yet because I wasn't sure how much I was gonna need. But you could figure it out a head of time, I just didn't.), and lay it on your lace and right at the edge of the burlap. Place your stitch witchery same as you did to the other side.
Fold down the lace make sure that the twine is at the edge and not where the witchery will adhere to it. Do this process to all your burlap pieces. 
I left about a foot of twine at each end and left a loop for hanging.
Make your pieces any size or length you wish.  Determine by the size of your stencil and the look you are going for.
You could even cut into triangular pieces.
Hope you could follow along with my instructions for this pretty easy Burlap S'mores Banner.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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