Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grunge Mix using Oatmeal

I came up with this Grunge mix using Oatmeal by taking a little of this and a little of that from other recipes or from other crafty people's tips to make these neat looking candles, and my country bath jar.   Cans could also be used with this grunge mix using oatmeal.

My grunge mix I used for my candle and bathroom glass jar. Sorry kinda blurry

  1. some cinnamon
  2. instant coffee and ground vanilla coffee
  3. Epson salt
  4. oatmeal
  5. nutmeg
  6. a few cloves tops
  7. elmers glue
  8. bit of water 
  9. Line a shallow pan with foil or wax paper.

Some of my items to grunge I usually paint brown or black first. Depending on the item. For this project the glue mixed with paint works just as good plus serves two purposes.

Prepare your grunge mix by mixing together the first six ingredients in a bowl or whatever you would like. Set aside.
Then add just a bit of water to the Elmer's glue just to make a little thinner but not too runny. Then paint this on the glass jar.
For the candle I added brown paint to the glue and a bit of water. Adding the brown paint covers the color of base item, I like it that way much better. Brown paint is not need if you like some of the base color to show through.
Then spoon the grunge mix onto the item.
After dry i sprayed with sealant. you can also sprinkle little extra cinnamon or a bit more grunge mix. If you find some spots you would like extra on.
I recommend that If you do add any extra oatmeal grunge mix to spray again. With just more cinnamon you wouldn't need to spray again.
Some of the mixture still seems to want to fall off. So I'm gonna try my good old mod podge next time to seal. Then use spray again. I just like to have more protection.


 Experiment and have fun crafting

********Not by any means am I an expert or even claim to be close to one. I do all my crafts by trial and error and taking other peoples advice.
I do not burn candles so take caution if you burn them. I have no clue how the candles would burn with the mixture on them.

******After posting this I have learned you can not burn these types of candles.

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