Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tobacco Stick Shutter Projects and a Few other Tobacco Stick Projects

Shutter projects from tobacco sticks and a few other tobacco stick projects I've done. Very easy and simple to do.
My husband started making these unfinished shutters to sell. They are 6 in x 24 in.  

When I seen them I starting thinking about what I could do with them. So I grabbed myself 2 unfinished ones and went to work. I made myself a set of shutters with crows stenciled on for my bathroom. Our bathroom mirror was just so plain looking, which so is the whole bathroom, not really decorated the way I want yet. Anyway above my sink is just a flat large mirror on the wall. Plain Jane, (YUCK).  But after painting two of the shutters Brick Dust Red and stenciled a black crow and stars on it now not so plain.

Before hanging them

After I hung. (Don't mind the rest of what you see, as I said bathroom not done yet)

 Americana with Old Glory handwritten on and a metal star with pip berries.
Using same unfinished tobacco stick shutters he made I painted this Americana Shutter. Adding my metal star and pip berries gluing on with E6000 glue.   Got this idea from a smaller one I seen on Pinterest.

Basically same concept as my Old Glory shutter but this time stenciled on America and added a raffia bow.

This shutter is just painted black with a star in middle. For the star used a stencil I made from contact paper and dry brushed my antique white paint on for a more worn look for the star. Then stapled pip berries across the top.

Flag drilling holes with a very small drill bit to attach my sticks together with wire. Twisting each section of wire to hold in place and then a hole also drilled in the top on both ends to attach twine for hanging.

Tobacco stick basket with twine handles

Welcome sign fence with pip berry wreath with metal star.

Grapevine and battery operated lights tied on to this tobacco stick ladder with some homespun material.

Decorative window from tobacco sticks. Simple looking, just some raffia and homespun bow.  An 
Old Glory sign made from a piece of scrape wood  and a grungy battery operated candle.

Tobacco stick ladder with homespun, a rusty metal star and some pip berries.

My hubby staining this trivet he made for the pans and silverware.  He
made this so our table wouldn't be affected from the heat from the pans.

                                                  Top view showing where the silverware go
                                   Front view with the pans and silverware in place on a table.
And this is the view with  the trivet hanging on the wall when not in use.  I added the homespun 
material to it for a more decorative look while it is hung up.

Hope everyone else loves my Tobacco Stick Shutter projects as much as I do.

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