Thursday, June 25, 2015

Candy Mint Craft From Craft Foam

Candy Mint Craft from Craft Foam

This Candy Mint Craft is a fairly easy project.  I had just a small primitive tree for Christmas and wanted all my ornament to be homemade.  These Candy Mints were just one of the homemade ornaments I made for my primitive Christmas tree.

I took thick craft foam I got at Michaels traced and cut circles the size of candies I wanted. I put on my strips lightly with pencil first on both sides and edges. Then used Folkart metallic paint by PLAID paint to put red stripes on the circles. After the red paint dried I took a fine paint brush dipped it in white paint and made a thin line up each red strip as well as putting a fine red line on the white areas. Wrapped each one with a small square of saran wrap tried red ribbon to each end to secure. On one end made a loop with the ribbon before tying to saran wrap. That was all there was to them.
Below you can see my candy mint hanging on my primitive tree along with the other homemade ornaments. 

An Easy Christmas Craft For Kids:
This is where I got the idea.

Basically did same thing but used thick foam board instead. I added extra touches to mine like the thin paint lines of red on the white areas and thin white lines on the red areas.


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