Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Craft paper Console Table

This is a console table that I have been wanting to redo for awhile. Loved the table but was not crazy about the flower or grape design on top. Doing my daily searching around the net for different craft ideas I came across The Ultimate Bag Flooring Guide
Which you can also use craft paper for the flooring I found in my searches. I loved the look of it but was too big of a project for me to try at first. I had seen some pictures of the brown bag idea being done on a stole and other table tops so I thought this is perfect for this table. And of course for my first try at it.

So I took this table and with a little time and patience I turned it into something I absolutely love.

  • Black paint or your choice of color
  • sand paper to get off rough edges and loose paint
  • sand paper for fine sanding scuffing
  • mod podge
  • brown paper bag or craft paper torn into pieces 
  • polyurethane (gloss)
  • sponge brush or your fingers like I used for gluing the paper
  • trim brush or your choice of brush for painting
  • sponge brushes for applying poly
  • your choice of main paint for base
  • some wood stain (I used red mahogany)
  • time and patience
 First I lightly sanded any loose paint. Then I applied one coat of black paint. Oh actually I first laid out how much paper I would need by laying the sheets across my table. Then I tore up and crumbled my craft paper. Then painted the top. I only did one layer because of it being covered with the crumbled craft paper.


I then spread mod podge on the table working in small sections. Laying the craft paper on the glue and smoothing out any air bubbles and then applying a layer of mod podge on top of the paper with your sponge or like I did using my finger. It was easier for me to use my fingers but mind you it gets very messy using your fingers. Just worked better for me that way. Do what works for you. Then you just keep adding the paper overlapping some or putting close to the edge of each torn crumbled paper piece or leave a small gap to allow some of the bottom color to show through like I did in some spots. I also applied some wood stain after paper and glue were dry to make some of the wrinkles show more. Apply stain as directed on container.
When it was all dry I took some fine sandpaper and scuffed the top of the console and smoothed off any rough pieces of paper.
Lastly I took a sponge and applied a thin even layer of polyurethane to the top and sides of the top. Let dry overnight. Lightly scuffed and added another layer of poly. Let dry again. Added last layer just for extra durability.
My final step was to paint the rest of the table I chose a light blue color giving it two layers of paint. Hope you enjoy the looks of this Craft paper console table as much as I do.

I ended up re doing this table painting the base black and sanding the edges of it. The light blue color was just not really me. 
A little more rustic is my style.

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