Tuesday, April 3, 2012

V8 juice spagetti sauce for diabetics

Who would have thought that you could use V8 juice for spaghetti sauce, not me.  I was visiting a neighbor who making spaghetti and meat balls.  Needless to say when she got out a bottle of V8 juice and poured it in her pan with her meatball she started telling me that because she is diabetic that she uses the V8 as her sauce, I was surprised, stunned, well not sure what I was.  Maybe she seen a strange look on my face and thought she needed to explain to me about the V8 juice. She also told me she uses just a few spices to give it that sauce taste not a tomato taste.  She added some oregano, I believe Mrs Dash or something like that. And that was it. Time to let it simmer with the meatballs.  I'm definitely going to pass this on to my step-mother.

Just for the record I'm not saying it is for sure for diabetics but my neighbor who is diabetic told this is what she does because of her being a diabetic. I, in no way know claim that I know for certain it is good for diabetics. I am just passing on a tip from a diabetic who uses V8 juice for her spaghetti sauce. Please check the labels to be sure you could have the V8 juice.

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