Saturday, November 17, 2012

Easy Kids Christmas Ornament Wreath Craft

Last night my step son wanted to make a Christmas Ornament with glitter.  So I started thinking about different ornament crafts I've seen and remember one about using buttons. 
I got out some buttons, thin wire, the Mod Podge (of course I had to use this, one of my favorite craft supplies), the glitter (red and green), some cording or use whatever you want to use to hang your ornament.
String the buttons on the wire, make into shape of wreath, tie off by twisting the wire where the two ends meet. He then put Mod Podge all over the buttons. Oh yeah we used two bigger buttons at the top for glitter a different color. See the photo for difference.  He only applied the Mod Podge to the smaller buttons first.  Then out came green glitter and he started shaking away all over those buttons. Let dry. Reapply where needed. then he applied the glue to the larger buttons and got out the red glitter. 
After it was all dry husband then sprayed it with a sealer to help hold the glitter on just in case. Then we added the cording some leave things we had but you could put whatever you wanted on to decorate it.
There you have it an Easy Kids Christmas Ornament Wreath Craft.

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