Monday, May 19, 2014

TP Make Shift Glue Gun Holder

A super easy make shift Glue gun holder from toilet paper rolls for you to make. Super easy basically free.

All you need is an empty toilet roll, scissors and of course your glue gun. Oh don't forget your glue sticks as well. 

Heat up glue gun. Take empty toilet paper cut about 2 inches from one end  set aside take the remaining bigger section cut to make it open.

Flat and smooth out trying to get it pretty flat.
 Next grab your smaller section put a ring of glue around the round straight edge. (I used the uncut end  as that was for sure straight) Now place that on the end of the flattened toilet paper roll.

I'm sure you could decorate it if you wanted to but for me I'm just leaving it as it is. With it being super easy to make and practically free I could make several a week.  Besides the holder is mainly to stop the dried hot glue from getting on my table, my main work surface.

It may not be the prettiest Glue Gun Holder but at least I will not have dripped dried hot glue on my work surface.

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