Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to make Primitive Eggs using Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs
Coffee grounds
White Paint
Elmer's school glue
Little bit of water
Acrylic paints (to color eggs)
Mini Wax stain
old rag
Glue gun and glue sticks

Since the plastic eggs have a little hole on the ends I screw screws into a board (see pic below) to hold the eggs so they can dry. Or I stick them on a skewer and place in a jar to dry. 
Glue the egg seams together. 
Place some paint in a disposable container, I like to use something that has a lid so I can keep it covered til I'm all finished. I mixed about 3/4 paint to 1/4 school glue.  Then add dry coffee grounds.  The amount you add depends on how much texture you want.
Paint away.  Don't load it on or it might run you can always go back and add more paint mixture later.   

Let dry completely. Paint in your choice of colors. Let dry again.  Using your stain and old rag wipe on your now Primitive Eggs
My acrylic paint colors I used in the photo below was Laguana, Sage and Sandstone

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