Sunday, March 11, 2012

Onesies make over

Did you ever wonder what to do with your babies Onesies undershirt when it still fits in the arms but not in the length ? Or how to make potty training a little easier without the hassle of the onesie dangling down into the toilet water.
Don't just throw out those Onesies undershirts re purpose them into new shirts. The other day I was at my daughters and she was getting my granddaughter dressed and she started cutting the bottom of a onesie off. She was making the onesie into just a shirt. Too short and in the way for potty training. You see my granddaughter is 23 months and is wanting to potty train herself and wants to sit on the toilet all the time. So she cut the bottom half off just at the leg area and now has a new shirt. It doesn't have to be sewn if you don't want but if you would sew a hem it would have to be a small one you don't want to make it too shirt. I never thought of that when my kids were growing up.

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