Monday, July 23, 2018

DYI Simple Elegant Green and White Nature Themed Wedding Decor Ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas at the Nature Inn at Bald Eagle

DYI Simple Elegant Green and White Nature Themed Wedding Decor Ideas we used at
The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle state park which is one of the most best places to get married, so I wanted to share with everyone pictures from my daughters weekend that was held this past weekend. 
I am so happy for my daughter who is one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. Yes I may be a little biased because she is my daughter, but her happiness just shined throughout the whole day making her even more stunning.

I'm not going to write a lot for this post just wanted to share some of the pictures from my daughters wedding and some of  green and white nature themed wedding decor for her big day. 
Look at how stunning she looks. Her gorgeous curls in her long hair. White strapless multi layer flowing wedding dress.
Continue on to see the rest of the wedding photos of the decor and the set up that was made for my daughters special day.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cut to Edge (Tutorial) in Silhouette Studio

As I was checking my default settings after reading a post from Melissa at Silhouette School Blog on 10 Silhouette Studio defaults you can and should change, (I must say she is my go to for wanting or needing to know something about my Silhouette Cameo machine.)Ok so when I was checking my settings I noticed a setting that said cut to edge.
And knowing how I am (always gotta something) I thought I'm gonna see how this works, so I changed setting doing test and here I will show you how to cut to edge. Its saves a little bit of vinyl. It might not be much but I'm frugal with my vinyl so I will keep my cut to edge default checked.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


This was an easy project using an old milk can.
All you need is
 an old milk can
gingham or any other country material you like
some pip berries
rusty star
hot glue gun and glue sticks

First measure around your milk can so you know how much burlap and material you will need to cut the length. Then measure how much you want to cover of the can for your width. I cut the material smaller than the burlap leaving about inch and half space on top and bottom to allow for my burlap to show. But you could cut any way you prefer, this is just how I liked the burlap and material to look.

Ok now after the burlap and material are cut I then attach the burlap first by hot gluing the one end piece to what would be the back of my finished milk can. Then as I was wrapping the burlap I also hot glued here and there so it would stay in place finishing up at the back of the can meeting my starting pieces. Do the same then with the material.
Take raffia wrap around the neck part of the milk can. I wrapped several times til I like the way it looked. I just tied it off but you could make into a bow if that's what you like.
Next took the rusty star, mine had a hole in the one point, added a piece of wire and then wrapped the wire around my raffia in the center to hold star in place. 
Finally took a hand full of pip berries and wrapped their ends around the raffia to secure them in place.
And that was it for my old milk can decor that I kept on my porch. Pretty simple and easy project to do with an old milk can.

***I do recommend that you display anything with the berries in a place that does not get wet.*** 

As always happy crafting.