Saturday, June 11, 2016

Distressed Coffee Table without Sanding

Before and after pictures of a Coffee table I did for my daughter. This one I did without sanding for distressed look.

Only lightly sanding the legs and bottom of the table, I just don't have the patience to sand all the nooks and crannies. Basically just need sand enough so the paint has something to adhere to since this had a finish on it. The top I completely sanded down to the bare wood, Except for the grooves but did take a piece of sandpaper and got in the groove to lightly sand that area.

Painted with plaster colored chalk paint 2 coats all the areas including the grooves on the top but did not paint the bare wood with the chalk paint. My daughter loves stars so I added a star at each end of the coffee table with black acrylic paint.

The next step I took some black acrylic paint and dry brushed here and there on the legs and base of the table. I did this process in the areas like I would have done if I would have sanded it. Some areas I thought had to much black so I just took the plaster chalk paint and lightly went over the black.

Next took some dark grey paint and painted the rim around the top to give it just a bit of an accent so the legs and top did not blend together. I then used a weathered stain and stained the top.

Final step was to add a clear wax to the top to give it some protection.

I hope I helped someone at getting a distressed look with out sanding. 

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