Monday, February 4, 2013

DYI Country/Rustic Wooden Spoons

Country/rustic is my decorating style. I can't really afford to pay the price of the things I would like to have decorating my home. Or my kids home which they all love that style as well.  So I'm always looking on the net or Pinterest looking for ideas to decorate our homes.  Recently I seen a site for wooden spoons and had to try the technique they said about.  I went to my uncles used store and he had some wooden spoons there for $.25 each and I picked up a few to do country/rustic style.

Got the wooden spoons home and anxious to start a new project and I pulled my paints out in four different colors trying to stick to the country/rustic colors. Reddish, indigo blue, black and not sure of the color name but in the greens. Then I started painting away.  After both sides were completely dry I took a rough piece of sandpaper and scuffed the edges a bit.  Trying to think of how they would naturally get worn.  Now my problem is I don't know what I want to put around them.  Or what to do with them. Tried tying a bit a fabric around them, also tried twine.  Seen somewhere that they were also just place in a mason jar or hung on wall.  Guess I'll figure it out.

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One of the simply and least expensive crafts I've done. Another way to make my life a little Easier

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