Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Faux Brown Egg-Tutorial

Faux Brown Egg Tutorial

 I know its late for this tutorial but save for next year or if you could get a hold of some of these faux eggs.  I purchased mine from Wal-mart at Easter time.  The faux eggs came in little egg cartons with no seems and are dye able.

Basically all you need is the faux eggs, brown shoe polish (I used the kind in the small round container) and brown paint mixed with a little water and an old tooth brush. **Don't have paint and water mixture too watery or it will run.  I suggest testing the platter on paper first.

Take old rag and wipe on shoe polish covering whole faux egg and wipe off. I did whole dozen at a time. 

Then mix a little water with the brown paint dip tooth brush in paint and rub your finger across bristles to make it splatter off.  Let dry and turn eggs over and repeat the process with the paint and tooth brush. 

There you have it your Faux Brown Eggs that will look great in your country, primitive kitchen.

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