Friday, February 3, 2012

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Yesterday we finished our new light. It went from this

To This

I looked around the net under Google images for pendant lights and found this site by Krylon for an Oil Rubbed Bronze light fixture. It was just what we were looking for to go with our new kitchen.  We had to use Rustoleum paints because our local Lowes did not carry Krylon. 

We just disassembled the pendant light, wiped it down to make sure it was free of any dirt and oil.  Lightly sanded it with 220 grit paper.  Then my dear husband spray it with Metallic copper. Let dry to the touch.  Then sprayed on the Metallic oil rubbed bronze. He had to spray it a third time with the copper just lightly because the bronze was a little darker than what we wanted.  Preference is all yours.  Then let it dry overnight. Then he put the fixtures back together and now we have a wonderful new pendant light for our kitchen.
Wonders of taking something old and turning it into something that looks new.

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