Saturday, February 11, 2012

One way I get stuff for free/ nearly free

This past week I've been helping my uncle cleaning out an estate and finding some pretty good things to use in my new place. You see instead of me getting paid to do work he will let me get things out of his store up to a value that he would have paid me to help him. Kinda helps us both out. He doesn't have to pay me cash and I don't have to pay him. See my uncle owns a  little used store, so he goes to different places to get stuff, I go there all the time just about weekly to see if he has anything new in.I've gotten quite a bit of household things to decorate my house. Some things I redo others I don't. My way of saving a buck.

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  1. That's great it's helping you both out! I'm Linky Following you too!


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