Monday, September 24, 2012

Lighted Canning Jar Pumpkin

Being a little crafty this weekend with my granddaughter. I made a lighted canning jar pumpkin.  This project really took no time at all. Gathering  a canning jar and lid and a candle holder base,  and some paint I was of crafting.

I grabbed some pumpkin orange paint  added little water to it in a little bowl.  Dumped it into the canning jar, swirled it around covering all of the inside. Dumping remaining out and tipping my jar upside down to finish draining on some wax paper and let it dry. After drying added this cute lil face with permanent black marker. Painted lid and candle holder. Hot glued them together. added a battery operated tea light. Screw lid to jar and walla my lighted Canning Jar Pumpkin

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