Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Tradition-Kid's Hand print for Mother's Day

This grandmother is starting a new tradition with the grand kids for their mommy's on Mother's Day.
 I got the inspiration from Anna at mylifeandkids who was a special guest to post at Mod Podge Rocks.
Anna's post was
Mothers day craft for kids: handprint canvases 
She gives you all the direction for this project.  I used most of her methods but personalized my way and used a wood frame instead of canvas.
I made circles scrapbook paper using my fiskars circle punch for the name and star punch. Traced this lil man's hand on scrapbook paper. Painted my board. You really could you anything that the kids hand would fit on.  I prearranged where I wanted everything placed.  Once I figured it out I coated my board with Mod Podge then place everything in place.  Making sure all edges were on good and pressing on everything to get any air bubbles out. Let dry then coated 2 more times with the podge. Then hung a wall hanger on back to hang it up.
Here is my version of our new tradition of kid's hand prints for every Mother's Day from here on out.  Well at least until the kiddos have stopped growing. So that will be at least 16-18 more years.
grandson helping make his mommy's gift

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